Hand to Hand

~ 使い手の想いを紡いだ旅日記~
仕事の原点を思い出す「日常の彩り」を伝える撮影では、起業当初からご縁をいただいた女性起業家の方にご依頼。現在の女性は、とても忙しく家事や育児、介護に追われる方々が多いですが、時間の効率化とスケジュール管理が得意である女性は、世界的な感染症の時期でも、オンラインツールを活用しながら臨機応変に対応して頂き、これまでと変わらない対応をして頂きました。そんな女性ならではの行動力と共に、洗練された嫋やかな微笑みを沢山撮影する事が出来ました。今後も、現代女性の働き方や、想い、悩みや葛藤も丁寧に見つめながら、いつも笑顔で他者との繋がりを大切にしている女性のLife Styleについても、丁寧に紡いでいきたいと思います。
For a photo shoot that conveys the “colorfulness of everyday life” that reminds me of the origins of my work, I asked a female entrepreneur who has been in touch with me since the beginning of the business. Today's women are very busy and many are busy with housework, childcare, and nursing care, but women who are good at time efficiency and schedule management can use online tools even during the global infectious disease. We have been flexible and responded to the situation in the same way as before. I was able to shoot a lot of sophisticated and dignified smiles along with the power of action unique to such a woman. While carefully looking at how modern women work, their thoughts, worries, and conflicts, I would like to carefully spin the Lifestyle of women who always smile and value connections with others.

~  作り手の想いを紡いだ旅日記 ~

There is a theory that the background to people wearing clothes was that they were adopted as a tool for expressing the 'individual'. It is also a tool for interaction with people of diverse nationalities and for the realisation of an equal society. Due to the influence of the SDGs guidelines, there will be more opportunities to express the 'individual' in Japan in the future. Even in these times, there are makers who value the creation of people, products and things that are uniquely Japanese, and who, just like the origin of luxury brands, are producing their products with their customers' wishes in mind. Along with the thoughts of these makers, we would like to carefully weave together the thoughts of the diverse 'individuals'.

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