Hand to Hand

M⊠A⊠O / archaichic:Concept



日常の彩りと調和を大切にしながら、人にも環境にも優しいFashion/Life Style

The idea of Fashion/Life Style Design that is friendly to both people and the environment, while valuing the color and harmony of everyday life.I have learned from my predecessor who has always cherished both the creator and the user of his products. We will continue to explore the essence of people, products, and things, and provide design that asks questions of the future.

~ 洗練された嫋やかな微笑みを全ての人々へ ~

~ Sophisticated and elegant smile for all~

Making friends that sprouted in the townships where small business makers still gather, and in service design. The making of friends of those who are trying to change the inequalities in the world, the local industry where the Fashion industry is declining rapidly. The voices of small businesses on the ground, the location of future conferences that question how women work and how the next generation of children learn. In such places, we know that the makers' are also the users. Also, since ancient times, there have been many small businesses in In Japan, where there have been many small businesses since ancient times, we still cherish the tender smiles that filled the streets of such small towns.

~ 地域コミュニティへの思い ~


The shoe sewing and processing industry, a local industry run by the previous generation, was based on a division of labour in which the whole community supported each other like a family. Therefore, there were many places outside of work where the town's residents shared their hardships and joys. In such places, children could naturally learn from the backs of adults. The number of such places run by small businesses has declined due to the ageing of the population. The apparel industry has also lost sight of its roots in mutual support due to the decline in the number of people carrying on the industry. While learning together with such people, we will pass on the ancient Japanese culture of mutual support.

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